Saturday, 16 October 2010

Being POKED!

One of the reasons I decided to start blogging was an artist friend of mine told me I had to absolutely postively read this book on marketing.  I find it is very much like talking to myself, as I am never sure who is reading this.  He has mentioned that he would very much like to read my next blog, so here it is just for him.

I have completed the first three sections on my crystal healing course, and the next three sections have been sent to me, I am currently reading my way through these and I hope to have them completed next month.  They are talking about different types of stones and how their colours affect the attributes of the stone.

I am still sorting out my aromatherapy, I am a couple of thousand words short on my case studies.

October is a busy month for my family, I have my dads birthday, my parents Wedding Anniversary and my Husbands birthday, which is on Halloween.  Plus i've started planning for Christmas already to get the home made items finished and out the way.   There are a lot of tempting smells around this time for year, I am wondering how to get that spicy pumpkin smell into soaps.  There is a freshness in the air you just can't create properly, but I wont bother with the burning dust smell that comes from switching the gas fire on for the first time this year.

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