Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I have been busy, honest!

It has been a hectic month, but it makes September less boring.
I do now have, two blogs, because tumblr talks to my blackberry nicely, meaning I can blog on the go, do not fear, I am working on this blog becoming mobile as well.
We have a facebook fanpage, a twitter account, an etsy shop (don't go hopping over there yet, we have no stock).  I have moved the email address from hotmail, to gmail, as gmail has this nice little ability to link everything together and hopefully, make my life a little easier.

Studying has been slow this month, I need someone to practise my massage on.  I have been diving into my research books when time allows.  I have been researching some great packaging technics, ways to make the products look great and keep them at their best for the longest period of time.

I don't know about you, but I am already planning for Christmas.  Mincemeat and chutneys need to be started, all those lovely cinnamon and ginger smells are filling me with ideas for festive oils.  I'm looking forward to having a crack at those.

Things I have discovered.....

1, The rumour about cats disliking citrus smells is apparently wrong.  My cat walks all over my new scrubbed with lemon oil floor.
2, There are a lot of crystals out there that need to be placed at the base of the spine, to get the best benefit from their healing qualities,  I will invent crystal knickers with a little padded pocket at the back.
3, Studying at 11 at night will give me a headache, but nothing a little lavender and a good nights sleep can't handle.
4, Google calendar allows you to view the stardate, how geeky is that!
5, A little clove oil in the bath first thing in the morning on a cold day, is wonderfully warming.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My First post

Well this is it, my first post about a company that is not yet trading.  I just have my final exam to complete on my aromatherapy course and I have no excuse to go ahead and turn this idea into a full up and running company.

The idea of this blog is to tantalise you with new product ideas, to get feed back on whether you think it would work or not and to start creating a product that people will love, enjoy using and that actually works.  There is no point in me making batches and batches of bathroom products that I can only give away to my family as Christmas presents because nobody is interested in it.

I am going to be looking at products to make, ways to package these and way to promote myself.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.