Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

I'll admit, the re-launch didn't go to plan.  I wanted to get new products out for Christmas, but with my husband loosing his job and general running around after my pocket monster, it didn't happen.

I am still working, plotting, taking advice from people and I hope to get it out there soon.  I have some amazingly talented friends who are plotting and scheming on my behalf, I love and appreciate them lots.

Christmas was very inspirational with the different colour schemes going on, the traditional christmas colours, jewel colours, citrus colours and sherbert colours.  The smells of the season are always uplifting for me, from baking gingerbread, to making the mincemeat, mulled wine and dropping the cinnamon jar.  I have noted these down, and I will draw from these for next Christmas.

I need to move away from soap, as the smell of the base is affecting my migraines and the cost for the start up is more than a full time mum can currently afford.

I will tomorrow, be starting my January big clean.These are fresh smells, not just the bleach, but the lemon and lime scents, with an after scent of tea tree, and the blast of fresh air from an open window. There is still a hint of pine in the air and the mix of everyones new perfume when out walking in the street.  I find them very uplifting in what could be a very depressing month.  It will involve me sorting out my books, so I should be able to get vast amounts of inspiration from these,  I'll need to sort out my craft boxes, more inspiration, and I seriously need to catch up with crafty friends, groups and blogs.  I will get my business up and running.

I have been reading my studying for my crystal healing course, but as of yet I have not sent it in. I need a kick up the bottom!



  1. Kick! :-) I am finding this January much less depressing than previous ones. I think coffee with friends and chatting to folks has made a huge difference.

    I am having a clear out as well, fancy doing some stash swapping?