Wednesday, 9 March 2011

March Madness

So here we are 9th March and I can hear you screaming, I AM GOING BLUE IN THE FACE WHEN IS THE RELAUNCH.  We had a few set backs, other half had some serious job hunting to do, so had the pc for the majority of the time, plus we have had some issues with our home.  The landlord is finally dealing with the situation, he has put a damp sealant on the walls and ceiling in the nursery and in the bathroom, after years of dealing with black mould from a roof leak.  The landlord has agreed to deal with the rising damp in the living room, but it took us pointing out that my 21 month old daughter has just been prescribed an inhaler, where as there is no proof that the damp has caused this, medically it wont help with the situation.

Due to the stress of an unemployed husband and a house that felt like it was falling down around my ears, I was sick for a month and no amount of tea tree was helping.  But bless the inventor of Vicks vapour rub.

During the battle of finances and health issues, Serenity Potions and my studies have been put on the back burner.  All excuses I know, but day to day life does take over, something I am going to have to adjust accordingly once I get this venture up and running.

I've got the laptop up and running, so I can sit here and blog at you whilst my husband is working/WoWing/Hogging the pc.  I have a fabulous little software programme called evernote.  This allows me to make notes, take photos, link in tweets, all with tags on them so I know where to find everything, it also links into my blackberry so I can be organised on the go. Check me out!

I have fabric that has been kindly donated to me by Hags Bizzare.  So I can make a few templates and really get to grips with the product.  I have also been inspired by Nia Fiori to take this into another direction and cover another area of the market.

But enough waffling for now, I'm going to go and get the scissors out.

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