Tuesday, 7 June 2011

June Refresh

Hello again,

Thank you for being so patient.

Two things have happened so far this month, 1; I was taken fabric shopping by my aunt, and on the same day my daughter took a nap so I was able to do some cutting out.  2; I now have my own pc, so internet access is less of an issue. The only problem I now have is fitting my pc and sewing machine onto my dining table, and then people expect to at the table. Food is over rated right?

I have just started my second batch of German Friendship cake, which is a wonderful recipe to share with your friends, even if it does take 10 days to make.  It is a yeast based cake, so it requires that time for the yeast to do it's magic.

That is all the joys I can think of today, so I shall leave you there and waffle on again at you soon.

AJ xx

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