Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday Thoughts

After a week of waiting, I toddled off to the Doctors today, to be told, as I suspected that I am depressed.  I have to  take more exercise and make more time for myself.  So this evening I sat down and decided to create something, I can now give you:

Threadbear Therapy!
This little guy is made from 100% cotton and comes with his own little bottle of aromatherapy oil to put on him.  Combining the benefits from Teddy bear therapy and aromatherapy, this guy will really enhance your mood.  I have lots of different fabrics to make more of them, now the sewing machine is out, there will be no stopping me.

He does have a little face.
The red thread on the pink butterfly isn't showing up so well.

I did also make a wheat bag bear, so the oils can be heated up in the wheatbag, but I had problems with him. He's got a wonky leg and one ear bigger than the other.
His crotch isn't the greatest in the world either, I'll just have to keep him.


  1. Love this post AJ & the little guys are cute too!!

  2. These bears are so delightful :)

    Make sure you look after yourself as well!