Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wednesday Waffles

Today I thought I would let you know some of the background on why aromatherapy and crystal healing.

I suppose it started, as most things do with little girls, with my mum.  Mum has always had a very healthy attitude towards life, and encouraged us to use healthy foods and vitamins along side any medication we are on when we weren't feeling well.  She always had a bottle of one oil or another in the house and had a small addiction to patchouli oil.

When I was a teenager mum took me along to an aromatherapy party, the lady there explained how it all worked and how much of an effect it can have on your life, I was immediately hooked, smells that made you feel better, imagine how that could work, perfumes, soaps this woman was sitting on a gold mine, it has been used for thousands of years? why has nobody done anything with this? Straight away I became a lavender and tea tree addict, using them for everything; spots, stress, cleaning my teeth, helping me sleep, cleaning stubborn stains etc. I was amazed at the results, the practicality and the range of uses.

I carried on using these for my own aid, even doing a study at college in my BTEC nursery nurse course on aromatherapy and young children.  During this study, I was talking to a lady in a local aromatherapy shop, which has now sadly closed down, and she introduced me to crystal healing.  Why would using a crystal be any more bizzare than using an oil? I wore my newly purchased amethyst stone for weeks and whether it really was the stone or whether it was psychosomatic, I don't know but I felt there was an improvement in my life.  It was amazing, "why had nobody put this into jewellery......they have?" I've had tumble stones and natural stone jewellery surrounding me ever since.

I read up on how the oils and the crystals can be used together to enhance each others properties and carried on using it in my own life for many years.  To save you from boredom I shall skip from the 18 year old AJ to the 27 year old AJ.

I hit a critical point in my life, I was kind of rambling around not really knowing what I wanted to do.  I had left my managerial position because of the stress factor, I was happy doing a telephonist job, but I was promoted within the company until the stress got too high for me again.  I was also bored, very very bored.  When I am bored my brain reaches out for things to stimulate it, I read factual books, take day trips out on the train and watch intellectual TV programmes.  My imagination also starts to go overtime and I have to doodle ideas down before they explode.

I found an online aromatherapy course with a buy one get one free offer. So I signed up for one aromatherapy and one crystal healing course. As I progressed with the course I started to work the aromatherapy oil into soap. For me it was a natural area to go, the oils helped improve the skin as well as the mind so applying it directly would get the best results.  This worked really well, and friends and family tell me they loved receiving them as gifts for birthday and Christmas.  The problem I had with this is that to be able to sell them I needed nearly £300 to get the soap cleared by EU trading standards.  This is money I didn't have.

I'm not entirely sure how the idea came to me for Threadbear therapy.  I was reading up on Teddy bear therapy, due to the fact my daughter had developed an attachment to a frog thing I got her from IKEA, she still very rarely goes out without Groda.  The thought came to me about combining Teddy Bear therapy with aromatherapy to increase it's benefit. If aromatherapy could help increase it's effect, then adding a crystal to it could make it even more powerful.  I could rule the world! Plans and plotting have taken time, getting the correct bear pattern, the right stuffing, can it be turned into a...... how about if I make a........ and of course back to the beginning "Mum what do you think of this?"

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