Thursday, 28 July 2011


They say depression is when you have been too strong for too long.  In the 1950's depressed housewife's were simply told to snap out of it or if they were lucky sent to therapy. I have been diagnosed with depression, hence my lack of blogging when I had just got back into it. 

My doctor has suggested I exercise.  Wikipedia seems to agree with him:

"Frequent and regular aerobic exercise has been shown to help prevent or treat serious and life-threatening chronic conditions such as high blood pressureobesityheart diseaseType 2 diabetesinsomnia, and depression"

The reason for this is that it boosts the bodies endorphins, which as another website tells me: 

"- An endogenous opioid from the pituitary gland that blocks pain, decreases appetite, creates a feeling of euphoria (the exercise high), and reduces tension and anxiety.
Blood levels of endorphins increase up to five times resting levels during longer duration (greater than 30 minutes) aerobic exercise at moderate to intense levels and also during interval training.
Also, after several months of regular exercise, you develop an increased sensitivity to endorphins (a higher high from the same level of endorphins), and endorphins that are produced tend to stay in your blood for a longer period of time. This makes longer duration exercise easier (you're feeling no pain) and it causes your exercise high to last for a longer period of time after exercise."

So  it doesn't really solve the problem, but if I keep it up I feel less pain.  Good to know. 

I'm struggling to be sociable, which is OK at the moment because we can't afford to go anywhere, but I do find myself dreading mums and tots groups and being surrounded by strangers.  I can cry at the drop of a hat, which can be frustrating and I find myself getting very short tempered.  Thankfully my daughter is wonderful, even at 2 she knows that mummy likes hugs, and often comes to me for a cuddle, she brings me flowers when she has been to the park with her dad and if I'm not smiling I get asked "what's the matter mummy?"

I have told friends and family the situation, most of them have been fantastic and very supportive.  People I didn't think would bother with me have invited me out for a walk or round to do an exercise DVD or even just to talk.  Sometimes it take something like this to realise how blessed with friends you really are.  I don't have to rely on Ben and Jerry all the time. 

Like a good aromatherapist and Crystal healer I have been using oils and stones. I find Neroli oil particularly uplifting, I love the fresh citrus smell.  I've got a tigers eye bracelet that I have been wearing, along with some garnets and rose quartz. I've been trying to get a little more orange into my life as this helps lift the depression, it really isn't my colour in clothes so I've been carrying pencils and embroidery threads in this colour.  We can do nothing but try it and see how it goes. 

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  1. Love love love your honesty & got a lil tear in my eye from reading this. Can't wait to see you pretty lady & give you a squeeze!! xxx