Friday, 26 August 2011

Funky Friday

I sat down last night and completed my case studies for my aromatherapy course, I had sent them off before, but I hadn't put enough detail in there about the massages.  I updated and re-sent.  Lets see how it goes this time. I always find case studies hard to type up, they seem to personal and impersonal at the same time, talking about someone's symptoms but referring to them as Teacher 43.

I also started to work again on my crystal healing course, I am now nearly half way to completing it. I have to type up sections 4,5 and 6 and send them off, done! Considering I was also talking to people on msn and playing stupid games on facebook and google+, I did quite well.

Whilst I was on a roll, I now have a shop on Folksy: Serenity Potions there isn't any stock in there yet, but it's a start.  My copy of Tank girl should be arriving today, my plan for this evening is to watch that whilst sorting out my fabrics and threads to see what I need. My husband has also promised me a trip to Hobbycraft on Saturday :-)

I still need to confirm whether or not I am trading at Warkton Craft Market on the 17th September with Hags Bizzare, one half of which is my Mother unfortunately the craft market are being a little slow at getting back to us, I understand the organisers are very busy and it has spurred me on to get organised.

I've got lots of new ideas on how to expand the range, thank goodness I have evernote on my phone, so I can jot the ideas down as they come to me.  It turns out the exercise I have been prescribed by my doctor gets my creative juices flowing. Having spent the weekend with Nia Fiori being gorgeous and talented and re-reading the books lent to me by Purky (who is also gorgeous and talented) I need to stop being the worlds best procrastinator and get ready for trading.

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  1. Yay, you are gorgeous and talented as well. Aces on the courseworking hun :)

    looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)