Friday, 23 September 2011

Raisin bread and other creations

My friend and constant nagger Mr Harry from Purky, informs me that people like to see half finished objects, which is great because my craft box is full of them.  The quilted blanket I was trying to make for my daughter for last years Christmas, cross stitch, long stitch, blackwork.  My box is full of them.  The mix for my raisin bread sat on the side for 24 hours, as I put everything into the bowl before realising I didn't have any sugar to activate the yeast with.  But it was gorgeous when I baked it the next day.

But rather than photograph my UFO's (UnFinished Objects) I thought as this is Serenity Potions blog, you would be more interested in What we have been up to.

After an Unsuccessful start I can now confirm I have half a table with Hags Bizzare at Warkton Craft Market on the 19th November.

I have been busy with the scissors and the sewing machine, I can now show you my little Threadbear Therapy bears I have cut out, stitched and stuffed so far, they have no oils as yet, no crystal necklaces, no faces, just stuffed little bodies. I tell a lie, the butterfly print bear hasn't even been stuffed yet.

As you can see my rose bear has a hole in her leg so I can insert the oils

But Purple bear has a hole in his head.  I have tried to leave these gaps in inconspicuous places as I will hand stitch these at a later date, once the oil pads have been inserted.

This is the first of my wheatbag bears, he also still has a hole in his leg so the oils can be inserted, I have pined this up to stop the filling from falling out. The wheatbag bears will not have a crystal necklace, so they can be microwaved. 

Another mad idea I had, and work with me here, Aromatherapy Christmas tree decorations, the heat from the tree lights so allow a light diffusing of the oils without over powering the room.  This is one for my tree at home, or maybe I'm just using the prototype for me.  I plan to make stars and other shapes as well as corsets. I may stitch the decoration onto future designs, I haven't decided  yet.

I am currently working on oil mixes that work well with crystals.  Obvious ones like Rose oil with Rose quartz are a start, but ideally I would like to work with more than just those two.  Christmas lends itself to all sorts of wonderful spices and vivid colours, before the obvious scents of nutmeg, frankincense, myrrh or cinnamon come into play.


  1. I love these half completed items, seeing the work you put into the pieces :)

    Keep it up lovely lady!