Monday, 12 September 2011


I did it! I passed my case study section of my coursework! I just have the final exam to take, this involves revision.  Which obviously means I have to buy new folders, re-organise my coursework........ what do you mean I'm procrastinating?  I am hoping to do this at the beginning of October, giving me a couple of weeks to read up and get on with it all.

On the crystal healing course, I have almost completed typing up sections 4 and 5.  I have tidying up to do and section 6 then we can send them off.  My plan is to get this done this week, so I can clear the time for my aromatherapy revision.

It has been confirmed that I'm not trading at Warkton Craft Market on Saturday, there has been some mix up with the dates.  However Hags Bizzare are trading on the November market and have offered to take some of my items along with them.  A friend has offered to lend me his camera so I can get some great shots and get my Folksy shop filled.

I did raid Hobbycraft in Northampton the other weekend, I have lots of pretties and I am currently working on a Christmas range as well as working on my Threadbear Therapy.  I have been playing with some other bits, as I figured it can't just be me who loves aromatherapy, crystals and glamour, can it?

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