Friday, 14 October 2011


I haven't update this for awhile have I. It's all my fault, let me show you why. 

This is Leopold, he lives with me now. 
On December 1st last year, I had to make the awful decision to have my 13 year old cat, Mort, put down, this happened just 3 weeks after my husband lost his job and right before Christmas.

At the time I said "never again" I was determined to never own (or be owned by) another cat.  In September I went into Pets at home as Father Christmas is getting Sophie fish for Christmas but we need to set up the tank for him first.  I fell in love with a rabbit they had in store.  After much debate it was agreed that a Rabbit at this time was impractical.  My husband however found online a local lady who's cat had just had kittens and booked a viewing for me.  Of course I was going to end up with a kitten. 

Two weeks later we went to collect Leopold and he is nicely settling in with the rest of the family. 

Having a kitten in the house, has made it interesting to try and cut anything out, sew anything or even draw.  He is into absolutely everything.  However I have planned to crack on next week and get things done, even if I have to lock him away in the bathroom for a couple of hours or drug him with lavender oil.

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  1. In fairness I would allow a cute kitten to distract me as well.

    Glad he is settling in well :)