Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I am having a clear out.

I feel the need for my home and lifestyle to be as fresh and uplifting as my aromatherapy case.

I have cleared out and organised my craft boxes, I have reduced it down from 7 bags and boxes, to 3. One of those is stock so if I sell it all I will be down to 2.

I have finished off and thrown out all those half used bottles in the bathroom. I cleared out my make up bag and chucked anything that was over two years old that I kept "just in case"

I have sorted out my bookcase and given anything I won't read again to a local charity. I cleared out my CD's and DVD's. Yes I need to get rid of my videos soon.

Paperwork is ready to be shredded, the rest has been filed away properly. Where I can I have switched to online statements.

Old clothes have been bagged up and either binned due to how much they were loved, read 'holey' or sent off to charity.

I have bags and bags of fancy dress outfits that are going to make their way onto eBay soon.

I feel uplifted and my home feels more spacious. There is still plenty of work to be done, now I have made a start I can see the benefits.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

It has been very busy here......

.......At Serenity Studios. I have been creating stock for Craftfest week starting the 9th June. I have made a start anyway.

My daughter has just turned 3 and asked for a party, bless her all she wanted for her birthday was a party, a pink necklace, a purple bracelet and a red teddy. Oh and a pink sparkly fairy princess castle cake, obviously. I was quite proud of her that she didn't have a great big list of dolls and toys. She had loved every present that she received and has played with them all.

She has a princess party at playgroup at the end of the month, so in a moment of madness (I was ill at the time) I decided I make her a princess dress. 5 metres of fabric has been gathered up to make the pink sparkly skirt of the dress. I am actually quite proud of it.

With the joys of living in a rented property, we have a house inspection coming up soon, so I am having a mad cleaning session, plenty of tea tree and lemon oil to get the grub moving and the spring fresh scent into the house. I do clean regularly, but I always worry that it isn't good enough.

Once the madness has calmed down and sorted itself out, I intend to get organised. Especially with Serenity Potions. I am fully aware that I have been neglecting her dreadfully, I haven't spent nearly as much time working as I wanted to. Hopefully June will be a fresh start to it all.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Purky Party

On Sunday the 1st April, I had the delight of attending Harry Purseys Purky Party, held in the beautiful Cat Cafe, in Wincanton. There was also fabulous entertainment from Muriel Lavender and Dan Apsey. Both of the acts enhanced the day wonderfully and were perfect for the environment.

 Harry's creations, were even more superb than I have ever seen them before, this young man's skills have grown and developed since I met him back in 2005.  He is constantly developing his skills creating him own unique style. 

Poetry was performed by the Beautiful and funny Poetrix Muriel Lavender. 

The very talented Dan Apssey.

After such a successful day, I hope there will be more Purky Parties in the future. 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not for the faint hearted.

If you are a little squeamish, please move along.

Over the Christmas period, I was struggling with an infected cyst on my right shoulder.  I did see a doctor and get antibiotics to help clear up the infection.  Sometime after this, to let it heal, I was booked in to have a minor op to have the cyst removed. Afterwards my shoulder looked like this.

I spent the week cleansing it with a tea tree hydrolat and neat lavender oil, the following week, I had my stitches removed. Leaving my shoulder to look like this.

Sexy isn't it!
This week I have been massaging my shoulder with a blend of frankincense and myrrh oils, it now looks like this.

I am really impressed with the speed of recovery that my shoulder has made.  I chose these two oils for their healing properties. Frankincense essential oil is rejuvenating, balancing and healing action for the skin. It is good for mature skin, wrinkles, scars and combination skin,to compliment this the Myrrh essential oil which helps support the skin's regenerative process and is good for mature skin and sun damage. It also supports skin healing and can be helpful for wounds.

It has been suggested that as I am using these two oils I should probably be eating All Gold chocolate or a Golden delicious apple to compliment it all. I'd probably go with the chocolate.........

Monday, 12 March 2012

Mothers Day

With Mothers Day approaching this Sunday, I wanted to tell you about my mum.  As are most mums she is amazing, she is one of the busiest people I know, but always has time for everyone. Every time I see her she has taken on a new challenge or is doing something for someone.  Mum has recently retrained for a new job, started her own business and is an active church deacon.

It was my mum who introduced me to Aromatherapy when I was in my teens, starting off with simple oils like tea tree and lavender oil and working me up into the more complicated until I knew more than see did. She is proud that I have taken this further and I am now working with the oils.  I am now the supplier of her face oil, a combination that I haven't made for anyone else.

My mum took me to my first theatre trip when I was 9, we went to see fiddler on the roof, starting a love for the theatre and I went on to study drama at school. It was my mum who introduced me to the Discworld book series by Terry Pratchett, which went on to enhance my life in a big way.

My mum got me sewing, patchworking and quilting.  She encouraged all my interests as a child taking me to dance classes, horse riding lessons and not even batting an eyelid when I joined the Army cadets.  As I was a clumsy child and neither the gymnastic classes or the dance classes helped to improve this, I think she sent me to the local St Johns Ambulance for my own safety.  This was fine by me as I got to attend the local theatre performances as part of the St Johns Ambulance.

Mum was quite subtle in encouraging me into other areas, unlike my Dad who gave me a book when I was 16 called "how to leave home and like it" she would have "found this and I thought I might like it"  or left something in my bedroom for me to find.

Now I am 33, I have a daughter of my own and she is still full of time, patience and wisdom for me. I am thankful that I have such a wonderful caring mum and no matter what we do on Sunday, I know that I will never truly be able to show or express how grateful I am for having such a wonderful mum.

Even if she did try and sell me.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Heavy thoughts for a Sunday morning

This week I have had body image on the foremost of my mind.

I decided enough was enough and I finally have to loose that 1 1/2 stone that my doctor suggested might benefit my health last summer, and the year before that, and before I got pregnant and probably the year before that.  The last time I was the weight my doctor suggests was 2001, and then I spent two weeks in America. I re-discovered food after spending 4 months on the weight watchers plan and that was that. I have got my mum to weight me once a week so I have motivation and I'm really logging what I eat, not just what I think I should have eaten, as I have done in the past.

After watching Goks teens the naked truth, this week I found myself shocked that body dis-morphia was starting in girls at such a young age and that Pro Anorexia sites were so easy to come by.  I was also shocked that parents were allowing their children to spend so long on the internet and having no idea what they were looking at.   The Pro Anorexia sites are very easy to find with a Google search (I'm a nosey person) and offer such unhealthy advice.

I struggled with how I looked as a teenager, I was bullied at school.  One of my nicknames was the flat chested lesbian. I did manage to get my own back on that one, I was a late developer. At school, I pulled my belt in a little too much at school to try and create a waist and hips, I lied about my weight, I had phases of eating only the healthy options at lunch and saving the left over lunch money for a Friday blow out of chips and cake.  I even elasticated my gym skirt so I could say I was wearing a 24 inch waist skirt.  Looking back on it now, thinking a 26 inch waist was fat, was so naive of me. I did go for a week or so where I lived on ginger nut biscuits, but that was GCSE stress, how I wish I still stopped eating now when I got stressed instead of indulging in it.  I started to diet, because my mum dieted, my mum dieted, because her mum dieted, and because she was an hourglass figure in the 60's when everyone wanted to look like Twiggy. I'm sure my Grandma dieted because her mum did.  I am trying to put a stop to that, I do not mention the "D" word in this house, I do eat cake with my daughter, I eat biscuits with her and chocolate, but we also snack on raisins and oranges.  I buy her grapes for a treat instead of sweets and try and give her a positive outlook to food.

One of the companies that have given me the strength to do this is Beyond Chocolate They have a very positive and, when you first start, scary attitude to food.  Allowing me to look at food as fun and something to be enjoyed, rather than down right scary. This morning I iced fairy cakes with my daughter and my two nephews, it was fun, and yes I ate a cake and licked a spoon and snaffled a few smarties, but it was a great morning with the kids and I didn't beat myself up over it afterwards.

On my Facebook page this week, I posted what I felt was a fairly harmless body positive image picture, it started much debate and also an interesting discussion about how naturally skinny ladies were made to feel unsexy.  I guess in the fight for real women to  be used in the media, we didn't stop to think about the naturally skinny, the ladies who struggle to put weight back on after an illness, instead of feeling proud that the weekend bug lost them half a stone.

All women should feel happy and confident with the way their body naturally is, nobody should make them feel any other way.  There are some fantastic clothes out there that the slender lady looks absolutely fabulous in, and I look blinking awful.  Yet there are outfits that the hourglass can carry off and the willowy look terrible in.  It is finding that look, that confidence, that is you.  Saying screw the world, this is me and my body and I love it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Serenity Potions has landed.....

..... In Folksy

I currently have 3 little bears in my Folksy shop, 2 Amour-bears and 1 Threadbear.  I will be adding to these over the next few days.

I have some mini corsets and mini bears that I am currently hand stitching.  I will be putting these up soon.

I'm playing with the idea of Birthday Bears, because every month has a colour, birthstone and a flower.  I have discovered I am going to have to use some artistic license with the oils, as not all plants can be expressed into an aromatherapy oil.

Mothers day is proving more interesting, because mums are so wonderfully unique how do you put them into a category? My mum is amazing and very eccentric and eclectic in her tastes and where as she would love absolutely anything I got her for mothers day (within reason) I do struggle to find her something that is special. She has two of my bears already that isn't an option this year.  She did tell me earlier in the week that my dad has packed one of her teddies away with the Christmas decorations, by accident and she can see it squashed against the side of the box, begging to escape.  What oils do mums like? I'm a mum, I love Vanilla, but my mum loves Patchouli.  I'm going with the theory that as long as it doesn't smell like vomit or nappies there will be a mum out there who will love it.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I am so sorry this has taken so long.
The joys of being a mum as well as an Aromatherapist is that I am on demand 24/7.   I've also had the fun of both my camera and the camera on my phone dying,  i've found my husbands old phone and i'm now switching my SD card between the two.

I said about inspirational photos from my handbag, table cloth and some rubber ducks.  The products have developed on from there, but lets not forget them completely.

I struggle with Valentines day, as my first and only valentines card was from my dad, until I was in my 20's.  That was slid down the table at me by my fiancé, at the time.  Hollywood would have you believe it is all  cards and roses and chocolates and romantic meals for two.   Reality shows us it is very rarely like that, so sometimes you need a little loveable fella to hug and reassure you that you are gorgeous and wonderful.  All of my bears have been trained to do that.
My Amour-therapy bears are on the way, along with a few other beautiful items.  These little fellows are yet to be stuffed, but are certainly taking shape and will be on Folksy very soon.  I've got 3 different blends of oil I have created for these, all are rose based as it is the most romantic oil I know, but each given a different twist to personalise it.

I am also having a play with some hearts

These are being appliquéd and scented.  Just something fun to hang in the living room or bedroom. I have some beautiful organza ribbon that these will be hanging from once completed.

Because unfortunately life is not all love and romance,  I am adding some prettiness into the every day with some little mini scented corsets.

These are just some little fun items to hang in wardrobes, on shoe racks, put in your drawers or keep in your handbag or changing bag.  Making the everyday a little more glamorous.
I do have other items on the go, I will be stocking up my Folksy shop very soon, so I am going to leave you in suspense for now and carry on stitching.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


For many reasons the local council have decided that they need to see a copy of my paperwork, so this morning I sat down and did my book for the past, 10, yes 10, weeks.  It only took me 3 hours, why was I putting it off. It was such a thrilling 3 hours.

From doing this paperwork I have seen what I have managed to accomplish in the past 10 weeks made me realise how productive I have been and how much more I can do.
I had to create a projected sales report for the next 3 months, so I have now developed range ideas for Valentines, Mothers day and Easter.  All of this is on paper and production will start tomorrow.

I am going to get my camera out tomorrow and share some of these creative genius ideas with you all, inspiration has come from a handbag, some rubber ducks and a table cloth.

See you tomorrow with the photos.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Personally for me, Christmas was fantastic this year, my daughter is 2 1/2 and really loved the whole season.  Unfortunately from the end of November till a few days before Christmas she managed to catch Laryngitis, conjunctivitis and a couple of colds.  The poor little girl was not in a happy place and wanted her mummy to look after her.  We were up every night for a month, so we were both seriously sleep deprived and crabby towards the end.

My Christmas decorations are left half finished, bears left without faces, my folksy shop is empty, blog ignored it was all looking a bit bleak.

We did use a few oils around the house over Christmas to help get us into the Christmas spirit, orange was popular as was clove and cinnamon.  As much as I love the blend of  frankincense and Myrrh, it doesn't have that traditional Christmas trigger.

I have been having a few thoughts about Serenity Potions for this year, I've got a few bears to finish, I've got some corsets to work on.  I've a few more blends up my sleeves, and crystals  ideas.  I hope to have things up and running again properly in the next few days.

I do have a working camera now so I will be able to put up a few more photos for you all to ooo and awwww over in the next few days.  I've got work in progress, completed items and the fun I've had creating it all.

It's getting late, I do need my beauty sleep, so I will leave it there and see you all again soon.