Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I am so sorry this has taken so long.
The joys of being a mum as well as an Aromatherapist is that I am on demand 24/7.   I've also had the fun of both my camera and the camera on my phone dying,  i've found my husbands old phone and i'm now switching my SD card between the two.

I said about inspirational photos from my handbag, table cloth and some rubber ducks.  The products have developed on from there, but lets not forget them completely.

I struggle with Valentines day, as my first and only valentines card was from my dad, until I was in my 20's.  That was slid down the table at me by my fiancé, at the time.  Hollywood would have you believe it is all  cards and roses and chocolates and romantic meals for two.   Reality shows us it is very rarely like that, so sometimes you need a little loveable fella to hug and reassure you that you are gorgeous and wonderful.  All of my bears have been trained to do that.
My Amour-therapy bears are on the way, along with a few other beautiful items.  These little fellows are yet to be stuffed, but are certainly taking shape and will be on Folksy very soon.  I've got 3 different blends of oil I have created for these, all are rose based as it is the most romantic oil I know, but each given a different twist to personalise it.

I am also having a play with some hearts

These are being appliquéd and scented.  Just something fun to hang in the living room or bedroom. I have some beautiful organza ribbon that these will be hanging from once completed.

Because unfortunately life is not all love and romance,  I am adding some prettiness into the every day with some little mini scented corsets.

These are just some little fun items to hang in wardrobes, on shoe racks, put in your drawers or keep in your handbag or changing bag.  Making the everyday a little more glamorous.
I do have other items on the go, I will be stocking up my Folksy shop very soon, so I am going to leave you in suspense for now and carry on stitching.

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  1. Love them!

    Do the bears recieve their training in lecture form with practical exams in hugging?

    Keep it up, I love reading about your progress x