Wednesday, 4 January 2012


For many reasons the local council have decided that they need to see a copy of my paperwork, so this morning I sat down and did my book for the past, 10, yes 10, weeks.  It only took me 3 hours, why was I putting it off. It was such a thrilling 3 hours.

From doing this paperwork I have seen what I have managed to accomplish in the past 10 weeks made me realise how productive I have been and how much more I can do.
I had to create a projected sales report for the next 3 months, so I have now developed range ideas for Valentines, Mothers day and Easter.  All of this is on paper and production will start tomorrow.

I am going to get my camera out tomorrow and share some of these creative genius ideas with you all, inspiration has come from a handbag, some rubber ducks and a table cloth.

See you tomorrow with the photos.

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