Thursday, 2 February 2012

Serenity Potions has landed.....

..... In Folksy

I currently have 3 little bears in my Folksy shop, 2 Amour-bears and 1 Threadbear.  I will be adding to these over the next few days.

I have some mini corsets and mini bears that I am currently hand stitching.  I will be putting these up soon.

I'm playing with the idea of Birthday Bears, because every month has a colour, birthstone and a flower.  I have discovered I am going to have to use some artistic license with the oils, as not all plants can be expressed into an aromatherapy oil.

Mothers day is proving more interesting, because mums are so wonderfully unique how do you put them into a category? My mum is amazing and very eccentric and eclectic in her tastes and where as she would love absolutely anything I got her for mothers day (within reason) I do struggle to find her something that is special. She has two of my bears already that isn't an option this year.  She did tell me earlier in the week that my dad has packed one of her teddies away with the Christmas decorations, by accident and she can see it squashed against the side of the box, begging to escape.  What oils do mums like? I'm a mum, I love Vanilla, but my mum loves Patchouli.  I'm going with the theory that as long as it doesn't smell like vomit or nappies there will be a mum out there who will love it.

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