Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I am having a clear out.

I feel the need for my home and lifestyle to be as fresh and uplifting as my aromatherapy case.

I have cleared out and organised my craft boxes, I have reduced it down from 7 bags and boxes, to 3. One of those is stock so if I sell it all I will be down to 2.

I have finished off and thrown out all those half used bottles in the bathroom. I cleared out my make up bag and chucked anything that was over two years old that I kept "just in case"

I have sorted out my bookcase and given anything I won't read again to a local charity. I cleared out my CD's and DVD's. Yes I need to get rid of my videos soon.

Paperwork is ready to be shredded, the rest has been filed away properly. Where I can I have switched to online statements.

Old clothes have been bagged up and either binned due to how much they were loved, read 'holey' or sent off to charity.

I have bags and bags of fancy dress outfits that are going to make their way onto eBay soon.

I feel uplifted and my home feels more spacious. There is still plenty of work to be done, now I have made a start I can see the benefits.


  1. That sounds fantastic and glad you feel rejuvenated. I need to do something similar but struggle to motivate myself.

    Happy Summer cleaning to you lovely lady xxx

  2. Hi - I have mentioned you on my blog here:


    Have a happy and successful Craftfest! :-)