Thursday, 10 May 2012

It has been very busy here......

.......At Serenity Studios. I have been creating stock for Craftfest week starting the 9th June. I have made a start anyway.

My daughter has just turned 3 and asked for a party, bless her all she wanted for her birthday was a party, a pink necklace, a purple bracelet and a red teddy. Oh and a pink sparkly fairy princess castle cake, obviously. I was quite proud of her that she didn't have a great big list of dolls and toys. She had loved every present that she received and has played with them all.

She has a princess party at playgroup at the end of the month, so in a moment of madness (I was ill at the time) I decided I make her a princess dress. 5 metres of fabric has been gathered up to make the pink sparkly skirt of the dress. I am actually quite proud of it.

With the joys of living in a rented property, we have a house inspection coming up soon, so I am having a mad cleaning session, plenty of tea tree and lemon oil to get the grub moving and the spring fresh scent into the house. I do clean regularly, but I always worry that it isn't good enough.

Once the madness has calmed down and sorted itself out, I intend to get organised. Especially with Serenity Potions. I am fully aware that I have been neglecting her dreadfully, I haven't spent nearly as much time working as I wanted to. Hopefully June will be a fresh start to it all.

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  1. That dress and cake are magnificent!

    I am glad you had a lovely day, hope the inspection went ok x